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About Spirit Medicine Making

Spirit Medicine Making provides opportunities for manifesting personal empowerment and healing through the application of the ancient wisdom and power of the oldest of spiritual and healing traditions to modern living.  Contemporary westernized ways are often absent an understanding that most of healing is spiritual and can be accessed from outside "Ordinary Reality" from the Spiritual Realms.  Magic and Miracles are part of our Human Birthright!

What can Spirit Medicine treat/heal?

  • Physical conditions including chronic pain, illness, pre-/-post surgery/medical procedures
  • Psychological conditions including depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, dissociation, spirit possession, curse unraveling
  • Clearing and blessing physical places including land and structures
  • Complementary to treatment services of/for hospitals, rehabilitation, prisons, recovery, mental health, schools, hospice, physical health, veterans

Learn more about Shamanic Practioner J.P. Tindell.

Disclaimer: The Shamanic methods presented on this web site are adjunctive to medical and psychotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment, and are not to be used as a substitute for same.

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