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About Spirit Medicine Making

Classes, Workshops, Circles and One on One Work


Free One Hour Individual Consultation to explore:

  • ancient wisdom of Classic Shamanism as personal spiritual path
  • use of Spirit Medicine to achieve physical, mental-emotional-psychological, energetic healing

Basics of Core Shamanism
Illness Extraction
Power Augmentation
Soul Retrieval
Soul Re-Membering/Life Purpose
Spiritual Direction/Counseling
Conscious Dying (Soul Escorting)
Fire Ceremony
Rites of Passage

Formats: One on One, Workshops, Personal Healing Interventions/Circles, Shamanic Journey Circles, Time in Nature

Medicine for the Earth:
Healing with Spiritual Light

Transforming Personal and Environmental Toxins

March 5-8, Banner Grange Hall, Grass Valley, California
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For more information go to WellofLight.com or contact J.P. Tindell.

Auburn Shamanic Practice Circle

1st and 3rd Tuesdays

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Experiential learning in knowledge & practices of core shamanism

Find Us on FacebookTopics including: Shamanic journeying; spirit world cosmology; personal empowerment; energy anatomy; trance movement; healer's path; personal initiation; the helping spirits; complementing western medicine; rites of passage; archetypes; a good death; soul retrieval and loss prevention; life purpose/sacred contract; health benefits of drumming

All sessions will include shamanic journey time.

Facilitated by J.P. Tindell, M.S., Shamanic Practitioner,
18 years of training & practice.

Cost: $10-20 per person donation (sliding scale).

Location: Downtown Auburn

Bring: Drum/rattle, blanket/pillow for sitting/lying, drinking water, blindfold

Registration: Advance sign-up required, 916-296-8232, tindelljp@gmail.com.

No prior experience required.

Basic Training

Introduction to applying the Principles and Practices of Classic Shamanism to daily modern life, as tools for empowerment, spiritual knowledge and healing.

Prior experience with Shamanic cosmology and journeying are sometimes a pre-requisite for participation in other group activities.

Personal Healing Circles

Personal Healing Interventions: Support for individualized, deep healing in the company of your loved ones. Call or email to request.

Intermediate Classes

Offerings on a variety of topics:

  • Re-Membering Life Purpose
  • Trance Movement
  • Embracing the Path of the Healer
  • The Power in the Dark Night of the Soul
  • Midlife Transition into the Wisdom Years
  • Personal Initiation
  • Soul Loss: Cause, Effect, Prevention and Cure
  • Personal Energy Management
  • Your Personal Helping Spirits

Spirit Medicine Healing Circle

In societies where the spiritual realm is considered as real as the physical, the entire tribe/community participates in healing rituals for anyone in need. This is a powerful Spirit Medicine event for anyone seeking healing of relationship, physical or psychological issues. Bring family, friends for support. Community willing to support others' healing are welcome to attend. Donation requested min. $50. for max. 2 hours. Call or email to request.

One on One Work

Using Journeying, Energy Clearing and Healing, Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Extraction, Power and Soul Retrieval, Passage Work, Psychopompry (“escorting souls of the dying and dead”).


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Classes, Workshops, Circles and One on One Work
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